• Low purchase cost,
    Optimal price and value,
    To better the food and drink industry.

    Creating a supply chain
    that small and medium sized businesses can be a part of.

  • ABOUT The “CELe Project”

    In the food and drink industry, major chain stores receive benefits for purchasing materials in large quantities.


    Small and medium sized businesses, as well as individual stores cannot receive the same benefits of purchasing in large quantities, which makes the cost of materials higher, causing the offer prices to increase. This is unfavorable for both the businesses and their patrons.


    We are creating a federation of small and medium sized businesses in order to purchase food products at the same price level as major companies. This will be a supply chain unprecedented in the food and drink industry.

  • Context

    Market Size

    The food and drink market in Japan is estimated to be an about 25 trillion yen industry. Thus, eventually the market will be split into two portions with major corporations sharing 50% and smaller businesses taking up the other 50%. The market that we are aiming for is the 50% with small to medium size restaurant businesses, which is a market share of 12.5 trillion yen.

    Within this 12.5 trillion yen, about 30% (3.75 trillion yen) is the cost price. If we reduce this by 5%, it will be 3.56 billion yen. In other words, reducing the cost by 5% can save about 1.9 billion yen.

  • Business Details

    In the CELe project, small and medium size businesses and privately-run shops will form one association, realizing a purchasing price level similar to that of major traders. We will create a supply chain that has not yet existed in the food industry. The 3 main business points of the CELe Project are as follows.

    Establishing the CELe Platform​

    Any restaurant that joins the CELe Project will be able to receive membership to the joint purchasing CELe Platform.

    Transactions Using CELe Coin​

    We are making future arrangements for restaurants holding CELe Coins to be able to purchase materials from suppliers using CELe Coin.

    Distribution Management System​

    We are building a highly transparent logistics system based on blockchain with the traceability of materials.

  • Concrete Example

    By purchasing jointly in large quantities on the CELe Platform, cost can be reduced compared to one store purchasing alone. We will be able to offer services at the same price as major chains.

    When joint purchasing a 20L keg the market price was about ¥9,200 to ¥9,400, but when only one store is purchasing, it was a little more than ¥10,000 per keg. We found that it is about 8% cheaper when buying collectively.

    When joint purchasing smoked duck the market price was about ¥800, but when buying for one store the cost was about ¥1,200. We found that it is approximately 37% cheaper to purchase jointly.

  • Road Map

    The CELe platform is constantly improving so that affiliated stores can always trade with buyers in the best price range. When seeking the best price range, the buyer inevitably needs to attract customers not only in Japan, but also on a global scale.

  • STO Detail & Allocation




    Jyunshin Kawasaki is an engineer, founder and CEO in GIFTED AGENT and Common OS. After he graduated from junior high school, he developed and managed logistics portal site. When he was 17, he joined a venture "Q&A now" which was bought for 30000 thousand yen. Also he founded many IT ventures such as "Tokyo Otaku Mode". He appears on a lot of media such as NHK "Close up Gendai".



    Takanori Yoshida is CEO & a president in Ocan Co., Ltd. and CEO & a chairman in Movest. He founded Melon Bread Store "Melon chan" and expanded his business into 110 stores. He opened Sushi Restaurant "Hatano Yoshiki"(formerly Michi) in Asabujyuban Tokyo in 2014, Korean Restaurant in Roppongi in 2016, its Cheese Takkarubi was selected as the biggest hit food in 2017, is very still popular. His restaurants have appeared on many TV programs and magazines. He joined CELe as adviser in August 2018.



    Entrepreneur, engineer. Graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology, majoring in computer science. Founded a number of companies such as recruitment media, joint purchase coupon company, e-commerce service company, lead engineer. Currently in charge of Andmois system solutions. Mentor of engineer training school outside



    Shinichiro Mihashi is a manager of consultant company. After he graduated from Keio University as the top of others, joined Mizuho Financial Group(Formerly Japan Kangyo Bank). He obtained MBA in Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and he worked in Asian Development Bank as an officer, in Japan Kangyo Bank Toranomon Office as a deputy manager, in CIT as a vice present, in Japan Kangyo Bank Indnasia as a president, in Japan Kangyo Bank Taipei as a manager etc. He joined CELe as an adviser in August 2018.



    Genki Akatsuka is CEO of DREAM ON COMPANY, which has 14 restaurants. After he graduated from Meiji University, he joined Japan Kogyo and reduced the deficit of many stores. He took up the post of CEO in 2006. In Izakaya Koshien, where more than 1,750 restaurants participated in, he is the only person who won a prize five times and won the first prize at 2nd and 8th Izakaya Koshien. Many managers of restaurants visit him for his lessons from all over Japan. At present, he has 7 restaurants in Tokyo and 7 restaurants in Aichi. Also he gives lectures and focuses on consulting.



    He is the President of “Setagaya” . In 2000, he opened theramen stop “Setagaya” in the Setagaya ward of Tokyo. It has advanced to New York, Haneda Airport Terminal, and Tokyo Station Ramen Street. There are 3 branches in the United States and more than 20 branches in Japan. He is called “Mr. Ramen,” and has made multiple television appearances on shows such as Nihon TV’ s “Tetsuwan Dash” . He serves as President of the Ramen Association. He graduated with a MBA from Meiji University Business School.afe school.



    Ken ogawara is CEO & a president in K・HOUSE, which has 39 restaurants such as "Ginyuba" mainly in the hotels. After he graduated from Gunma University, he worked at a trading company, at Hotland Co., Ltd. known for "Tsukiji Gindako" as a development manager, at Shinozakiya as a restaurants manager. He joined CELe as an adviser in August 2018.



    Makoto Nakajima is a cafe producer and an outside director (formerly vice president) of Renovation Planning, which has 30 cafes. Also he is CEO of Sebastian Factory Co., Ltd , an cafe cooking instructor of L'ecole Vantan and the committee in the outside board of trustees of Tokyo Sweets & Cafe school.


    Blockchain Engineer

    Morihide Tenpaku is a blockchain engineer and a stakeholder of Apple Inc. .

    He made his debut as a F3000 racing driver when he was 15.

    Due to his injury in a race,he started studying computer science and worked for NASA.
    After he left NASA, he joined Apple and developed iPhone/iPod/iPad with Steve Jobs.

    Also He worked for UN for 2 years and he's engaged in clean energy development.



    He is the President of Will Planning Corporation. In 2003, he joined Will Planning Corporation, and assumed office as President in 2010. NINJA, developed by Will Planning Corporation, is one of the world’ s most famous Japanese restaurants. The ninja-themed restaurant is quite popular with Japanese and foreign customers. It has a high customer unit price and is popular for entertainment. There are domestic stores in Asakusa, Shinjuku, and Kyoto. There are stores overseas in New York and Dubai, with plans to open a store in China in 2019



    Yoshitaka Kudo is CEO of the restaurants supporting company, CanSystem, which has been trading with more than 30,000 stores. CanSystem has grown with Usen Music Broadcasting since 1962. Also CanSystem released many services such as the cloud service of the security cameras & Wi-Fi systems, and easy construction service of free Wi-Fi spots CAN Free Wi-Fi. He has experienced Restaurant Management for many years and has wide perspective. He is making the future of the restaurants with CELe.



    Yoshitaka Matsumoto is a marketing consultant specialized for the sales enforcement and support. He joined Tokyo Star Bank (Formerly Tokyo Souwa Bank) as a director in June 1991, a managing director Octorber 1993, a manager of Metropolitan area, a manager of Information Development etc. On the other hand, he holds the society for restaurants industry, therefore he is familiar with restaurants. He joined CELe as an adviser in July 2018.



    Kazuo Maita is a marketing consultant especially for hotels and bridal industry. After his graduation, he joined Hotel the Manhattan(Formerly Chiba New Park Hotel).Also he held the post of manager at Tokyo Disney Resort Partner Hotel and many other executive positions in hotels and bridal industry. He is supporting a lot of companies as an adviser. He joined CELe as CEO in August 2018.

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